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Welcome to the enchanting journey through the heart of Sri Lanka with Universal Travel Asia’s exclusive Package 03 – Veddah Village Tour (8N/9D). Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture, nature, and tradition as you embark on a memorable adventure.

Day 01
Arrival / Colombo
Embark on your adventure with a gracious reception in Colombo, Sri Lanka's bustling capital. Prepare to be charmed by the lively city pulse, historical gems, and the harmonious fusion of contemporary and colonial architectural wonders.
Day 02
Colombo / Kandy (Temple of Tooth, Traditional dancing show)
Head to the cultural heart of Sri Lanka, Kandy. Explore the revered Temple of the Tooth, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and witness a mesmerizing traditional dancing show that will leave you spellbound.
Day 03
Kandy / Mahiyangana (Experience Clay Pot Making Process, ‘Pan’ Weaving experience in a Village House, Enjoy an Authentic Rice and Curry Lunch, Trek to See Two Beautiful Hidden Waterfalls – Rathna Ella and Kaluwa Wetuna Ella)
Embark on a fascinating adventure to Mahiyangana, where you'll delve into the art of Clay Pot Making and experience 'Pan' Weaving in a traditional village house. Indulge in an authentic Rice and Curry Lunch before trekking to witness the breathtaking Rathna Ella and Kaluwa Wetuna Ella waterfalls.
Day 04
Mahiyanganaya (A Full Day Experience at Dambana Vedda Village, Take a Bush Walk in The Jungle with Veddhas, Walk In the Mountains to See Caves with Veddhas, Visit a Veddha Dwelling, Enjoy a BBQ Dinner Amidst Roaring Camp Fire and Veddha Dances)
Discover the ancient ways of the Veddhas in Dambana Vedda Village. Take a bush walk in the jungle with Veddhas, explore caves, visit a Veddha dwelling, and savor a BBQ dinner amidst a roaring campfire accompanied by Veddha dances.
Day 05
Mahiyanganaya / Gal Oya (Enjoy Picnic Lunch in the National Park, Afternoon Jeep Safari in Gal Oya National Park)
Enjoy a delightful picnic lunch in Gal Oya National Park before embarking on an exhilarating afternoon Jeep Safari. Witness the untamed beauty of nature as you encounter diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.
Day 06
Gal Oya (The Gal Oya Vedda Village Chief to take you on a walk through the jungles of his ancestors, Explore and know the ancient hunting grounds, Listen to songs of the native tongue as you walk through, Indulge in the jungle as you listen to the hunter-gatherer folk tales)
Accompany the Gal Oya Vedda Village Chief on an enchanting stroll through the timeless jungles of our ancestors. Traverse the sacred hunting grounds of antiquity, tune into the melodies of native songs, and lose yourself in the rich tapestry of hunter-gatherer folklore. Immerse in the unspoiled allure of the jungle, a sanctuary untouched by the hands of time.
Day 07
Gal Oya / Ella (Morning Boat Safari in Gal Oya National Park, Cooking Experience at a Typical Local Place along with dinner)
Embark on a morning boat safari in Gal Oya National Park before participating in a Cooking Experience at a typical local place, culminating in a delightful dinner.
Day 08
Ella / Weligama (Morning Hike to Little Adam’s Peak, Visit Nine Arches Bridge)
Experience the breathtaking views of Little Adam’s Peak during a morning hike and marvel at the engineering marvel of Nine Arches Bridge. Your journey continues to Weligama, a coastal paradise.
Day 09
Weligama / Departure
As your adventure concludes, take in the last moments of the sun-kissed beaches of Weligama before bidding farewell to the island of serendipity.

Explore Sri Lanka in its raw, authentic beauty with Universal Travel Asia. Book your Veddah Village Tour now and unlock the secrets of a land where nature, culture, and tradition converge seamlessly. Your unforgettable journey awaits!
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